Mini 90cm - 95cm Small Sex Dolls

This is a collection page of handpicked 90cm sex dolls. All 90cm dolls are in the shape of anime girls, with realistic appearance, using high-safety TPE or silicone material, as smooth and delicate as real female skin. More than just high-end sex toys, these small size mini sex dolls are a beautiful piece of art. Buy now to enjoy affordable prices, free gifts, and free shipping nationwide!

Small Sex Dolls in Other Sizes

Small dolls generally refer to sex dolls of 100cm and below. In OkSexDoll, there are mainly 80cm sex dolls, 90cm sex dolls and 100cm sex dolls. They are not much different in size, and there are slight differences in weight according to body size. They all have complete body structures and movable metal skeletons, which can be used as exquisite anime models. Of course, her most important function is to satisfy your sexual needs.

Sex Doll Collection