Premium Full Size 148cm Love Dolls

Each life-size 148cm sex doll has an inwardly folded metal skeleton, with real soft and realistic skin, and they are the best choice for male masturbation. All 148cm dolls are as shown in the photos! Just choose the add-ons you want to buy! You can make your dreams come true with just one click! Sex dolls contain semi-permanent makeup so your love doll will look like (or close to) you in photos.

Why Buy A 148cm(4.85ft) Love Doll At OkSexDoll?

OkSexDoll has a variety of different styles of 148cm love doll at a fair price, so you have the perfect sex partner, all sex dolls will have 3 penetration methods: oral, anal, vaginal, they all stimulate your libido, buy it, You will not be disappointed. The semi-permanent makeup of your premium sex doll can be removed with cleansers, makeup removers, acetone, etc. So make sure to keep these substances out of her makeup (including her eyebrows) unless you want to remove it.

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