Images of Medium Breast RZR Silicone Sex Doll『Gaynelle』

Admin 2019-12-30

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 162cm(5ft3) Weight 32kg
Bust 85cm(33.5″) Vagina 15cm(5.9″)
Hips 88cm(34.6″) Waist 60cm(23.6″)

Product Description

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, buying a sex doll is not a bad choice. If you are not planning to build a relationship with a girl, you can use sex toys to satisfy your life. Made from medical material TPE and silicone, these real sex dolls are safe and easy to use, and have no other impact on your life. Such fucking a sex doll does not have to worry about getting pregnant, and it is safe to use, so you can even have sex without protection.

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