Gallery of WM Doll Brown Skin Sex Doll Flat Chest『Kelsey』

Admin 2019-12-13

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 157cm(5ft2) Weight 28kg
Bust 67cm(26.4") Vagina 17cm(6.7″)
Hips 77cm(30.3") Anus 17cm(6.7″)
Waist 48cm(18.9") Mouth 15cm(5.9″)

Introducing the benefits of the Flat Chested Sex Doll

Because it is made for sexual pets, so it is named sex doll. There are many type real doll according to different classification. Among them, there are quite a few men who like small breasts. In reality, it is not easy for men who like small breasts to get to know and meet women who have real small breasts and who like their faces. Even such men can make their dreams come true by purchasing a flat chested sex doll by mail order.

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