Photos of Japanese Anime Sex Doll『Lazuli』

Admin 2019-11-05

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 145cm(64.2″) Weight 28kg
Bust 77cm(30.3″) Vagina 16cm(6.3″)
Hips 50cm(19.7″) Anus 15.5cm(6.1″)
Waist 72cm(28.3″) Mouth 13cm(5.12″)

Introduction the material of real life sex dolls

Oksexdoll's solid TPE materials for medical use are all of high quality, and we will provide funcking a sex doll with better tactile sensations. Nowadays, it has evolved to fulfill various human aspirations, and is widely used for crafts, pets, viewing, photography, and so on. In addition to silicon, which is currently the mainstream, a new material called TPE has appeared in the real doll materials. We will help you meet the best sex dolls that suit you.

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