Cute 100cm Flat Chest Sex Doll for Sale

It can be seen in the sale of small dolls that 100cm sex doll are the most popular choice. Dolls of this size 100cm have unique advantages, their weight is particularly light, generally within 10 kg. These mini sex dolls are in the shape of underage girls, with delicate looks and elongated limbs. Under normal circumstances, these little dolls have only vaginal and anus openings and no oral passages.

Sexy And Cheap 100cm Sex Doll

The lifelike 100cm doll sex is not only used to satisfy sexual desire, but also to dispel loneliness. If you don't have a girlfriend, if you want to tell someone your story, or if you want to learn to take care of your daughter, you can try buying a life-size flat chest sex doll, which will satisfy anything. Increase. Requests and wishes, never say no to you.

These are realistic sex dolls made from high quality TPE with a fully connected metal skeleton allowing real women to pose in almost any pose...they are detailed from head to toe and very much like the real thing.

Small Sex Dolls in Other Sizes

Small dolls generally refer to sex dolls of 100cm and below. In OkSexDoll, there are mainly 80cm sex dolls, 90cm sex dolls and 100cm love dolls. They are not much different in size, and there are slight differences in weight according to body size. They all have complete body structures and movable metal skeletons, which can be used as exquisite anime models. Of course, her most important function is to satisfy your sexual needs.

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